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The Toughest Big Bass Baits At The Best Prices!

Kaotik Lures builds quality buzzbaits, bass jigs and bladed swim jigs so you catch quality Bass...really big ones. You will only get the finest components with our baits because they are meant to last. Plus Kaotik Lures backs all our lures with a 100% unbreakable guarantee. That means if by some miracle your blades or wire shaft break away from the lures head within 180 days from the day you receive your Kaotik Lure, send whats left back to us and we will ship you a brand new one, free of charge, including shipping! How's that for standing behind your lures. In fact, where else can you find a guarantee on a lure like this one? I don't believe you can find one!

Shaker Bait Pro Bladed Swim Jigs - A Deadly Arsenal

Since 2006, Shaker Bait Pro lures have been one of the hottest baits on the tournament scene and for good reason. Shaker Baits are one of the most versatile baits around. You can fish it as:

  • a spinnerbait - from slow rolling to burning it in, you'll feel the bass slam it!
  • a crankbait - use a jerk retrieve or sweep-and-drop, you'll get the hook-ups nearly always on the fall!
  • a jig - let the Shaker Blade and jig head bounce against the rocks for excellent sound - Fish On!
Kaotik Lures has you, the fisherman, covered with the Shaker Bait Pro.
  • Stainless steel "Bubbler" blade that creates micro-bubbles to imitate fleeing prey better than any bladed jig.
  • Powder coated paint on our jig heads for maximum durability.
  • Super sharp Mustad Ultra Point hooks that stay sharp.
  • Bio-Flex glittered, silicone slirts.
  • The Shaker Bait will not rust or tarnish!
Potomac Punisher - A Bladed Swim Jig On Steroids

Kaotik Lures has taken this very popular tournament bait and kicked it up to high performance! The Potomac Punisher is the ONLY bladed swim jig that can be burned through the water just below the surface WITHOUT the bait rolling over or jumping erratically from side-to-side. This bait remains straight and true with your line!

Not only have we improved the retrieval performance, we've also given the Potomac Punisher an oversized, super sharp Mustad Ultra Point hook for ultimate hooksets and full livewells!

Read more about the added features and quality of the Potomac Punisher by clicking here.

Kaotik Lures Buzzbaits - A New Way To Fish Top Water

Buzzbait fishing is with out a doubt the most thrilling way to catch big bucketmouth bass! New evolutions have been making buzzbait fishing even more exciting. Kaotik Lures is at the forefront of top water fishing and are catching more bass than traditional buzzbaits.

Kaotik Lures gives you the option of four proven buzzbaits for any condition. Choose the:

  • Screamin' Stinger buzzbait for a clacker style buzzbait. Learn more
  • Bleedin' D buzzbait for a bleeding bait with a great burble. Learn more

Each Kaotik Lures buzzbait has a Bio-Flex barb-wire patterned skirt and super sharp Mustad Ultra Point hook to gaurantee you bucketmouth bass in your livewell!


Kaotik Spider Jigs - Perfect For Heavy Cover Finesse Jigging

Spider Jigs have been tearing up the tournament trail when it comes to fishing jigs. Bass jigs are the "go to" bait for nearly every fisherman. Spider jigs have become so popular because they look so much more like a crawfish than traditional jigs which trigger finicky bass to bite.

The Kaotik Spider Jig has a football head design to allow the spider jig tentacles and tails to present a realistic crawfish appearance! The football jig has a powder coated paint job for maximum durability with your choice of a super sharp Mustad Ultra Point hook or a Gamakatsu Wide Gap hook.

So come on in and have a look around our new baits. Tie on a Kaotik Lure and out fish your buddy time after time after time!

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